Monday, February 14, 2011

Nivea fruity shine, lotus and my HG - home made lip balm ...

Hello my friends ... I thought I ll tell you about my tryst with lip balms in this post. I have tried many different lip balms so far like chap sticks, Nature's, himalayas and so on ... But in this post I ll be writing about Nivea fruity shine lip balms, lotus rose flavored lip balm and the one I made myself :)

Nivea fruity shine lip balms are the best thing that have ever happened to my lips. I bought them after reading all the wonderful reviews that were written about them. They generally have a very pleasant smell and nice lip tint. They are also moisturizing and very gentle on my very sensitive lips (My lips were sensitive to even lotus lips balms !!!). My lips also tend to drink everything on them - literally yeah coz all 3 hrs lip sticks last only for 15 mins on my lips and yet i don t lick my lips or so. I have tried three lips balms in this range and they all feel great on my lips.

Dragon fruit flavor :
  • A baby pink tint which lingers on you lips for hours without a re-touch (even on my lips !!!)
  • It is the most natural lip tint that suited me - I naturally have only pinks and maroons on my lips and no red tints :(
  • The odor is pretty strong for few but I personally found it pretty bearable
  • The consistency is nice and it spreads smoothly on your lips and the fine shimmer are not at all over glittery
Pomogranete :
  • Nice maroon colour. This is my second fav flavor.
  • I like it's odor which smells like 'The Fruit Shop on Greams road' juice shop :D
  • Everything else is like dragon fruit lip balm.
  • It has a red tint and somehow it doesn t suit me at all.
  • If over applied - it kinda looks garish. It is the same for all the lip balms but with this one, I somehow find that the effect is more.
  • I find it's smell a little overwhelming and the tint a little artificial on me but this is the HG lip balm for most of the bloggers . Let's just say I am different ...
Now talking about Lotus Rose lip balm, I had this burning feeling within a minute of applying this lip balm. I had to wipe it off quickly because 'that' sensation wasn t good. This is also supposed to be a very good lip balm but you can say that I am allergic to this. I gave it off immediately to my maid along with several lippies that didn t suit me and the maid looked at me amusingly. Some how lotus products don t suit me. Like their face washes and etc. I guess I ll just stick on to their tinted sunscreen which I love.

Lets now talk about my favorite lip balm - home made !!! I had read how to make these in several blogs online and I thought why not give it a try. So this is what I did : Took a very little amount of bee wax in a small cup and heated it in candle's flame. Then I added everything oily and addable from the kitchen : almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, castor oil :D he he he and then I added honey too but somehow it didn t blend with the oil mixture but the other ingredients blended like a dream. But had to be carefull with the addition of bee wax - even a little extra wax would make it very candle like. I had to heat it several times to add more almond oil to make it more balm like. Then I poured the contents into a empty lip balm stick.

I use these at nights when I feel that my lips are dry or when ever I am at home, I keep on dabbing it. This stuff is really amazing as it is highly moisturizing and I even feel that they have improved my lip colour a bit too :). But it s not super smooth and glossy like nivea ones but like I said, they are good to be used at home. You ll feel as if rubbing your lips against wax if you compare this with nivea ones. So I use nivea when I go outside and the home made one for home and during journeys. Now I can t wait to try nivea lip balm in guava flavor - boy oh boy ! 



  1. What a coincidence! I'm writing a post on these balms!!:D Good review CP. I have dragon fruit & pomegranate. I didn't buy strawberry coz I have the star fruits one.
    WOW your homemade balm looks amazing! I love the idea of putting it into an old lippie container. Where did you get the bees wax? I had wanted to do a homemade balm some years ago, but I couldn't find any shop that sold the beeswax. But I'm not sure I should make it anymore. I already have too many lip balms to use up :P

  2. @Rentu ... thanks
    @Poohkie ... lolz but we never get enough of lip balms ! well bee wax is available in the herbal drug stores or popularly - 'nattu marundhu kadai'. I am sure there are plenty of those in good ol' t.nagar !

  3. oh ok. Will check it out the next time I feel like making balm.

  4. nice comparison... :) and a nice review.......

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  5. Well, the nivea review is true! I felt it myself!! Well said! :)
    ways, guava is fabulous!! Must try! :)

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