Friday, February 11, 2011

Bourjois Detox foundation, concealer and complexion enhancer

Hello people ... Well this is going to be my first cosmetics review and this is for my favorite blogger - Poohkie :). Glad to review something which I like :). So I am going to review Bourjois Detox Foundation and the concealer.So here goes the story ....
The other day I went to Saravana stores to check out the cosmetics there and by chance I happened to notice their Bourjois counter. I wanted to get their foundation for a long time and so I thought I ll buy it from there. The SA first swatched colour numbers ranging from 55 to 59 on my skin and then later decided 56 would be fine even though it was a little lighter than me. She applied it on my face and yes it did look gorgeous but I made one big mistake - I didn t check out in normal lights ! So when I went back home and tried, I was in for a big disappointment :( .

Foundation on my hand
Concealer swatch

Complexion Enhancer

Complexion enhancer on my hand and a little smeared over the mole

I also wanted a concealer to hide my blemishes and skin discoloration. The SA told me that the healthy mix is kind of little too moisturized and so detox would be a better choice. But the detox concealer came in a roller tip making it good for discoloration and under eye dark circles. I don t have dark circles but I do have pigmentation marks around my nose and etc .. The concealer was available only in two shades - dark and lite - thats all ! I should have skipped this but then I thought I should stick to the same brand formula and went on to buy it.
I also wanted something like a foundation primer because I often end up losing my make up very soon after application. The SA managed to convince me to buy this complexion enhancer as a foundation base which is a peachy liquid that disappears into the skin as soon as you apply it. I think this product works great as a very mild and silky tinted moisturizer individually. Makes your skin soft to touch and a little brighter too. And so it was like this - Complexion enhancer as a base, Detox foundation as a foundation, Detox concealer as the concealer and The Body Shop loose powder (in the darkest shade which actually makes me look a bit darker) to set everything. This was my routine for the wedding I attended last weekend.

My Experience : 
My skin has a very yellow undertone and initially I felt that these foundations weren t yellow enough for my complexion. They were either too white or too brown and sort of no yellow undertone. So when I tried it at home, I wasn t all that happy with the color initially. But only during the wedding I noticed that the peachy complexion enhancer gave a very beautiful yellow undertone that I needed and made me look good in the video :). The foundation as such is very nice when it does what it claims - Matte and long lasting. It felt very lite on the skin and didn t look cakey or patchy at all. It gave a very natural look on my combination skin. But the down side with this foundation is that it is kind of dry a little. You have to spread it quickly on the skin as soon as you dot it on the face else it tends to get patchy and difficult to blend. But the efforts are well worth the results :). Personally I feel that the concealer isn t great for blemishes but decent for discolored skin. It doesn t sit on the skin easily like how a concealer should sit but instead it acts like a heavier version of the foundation. So it is great for dark circles and pigmentation.

Price :
Foundation - INR 950
Concealer - INR 550
Complexion Enhancer - INR 550

 Final verdict :

Foundation - I love it ! I will buy it again even though it wasn t yellow enough for me. Matte, long lasting, natural and comes in a cute pump jar. Very nice but definitely not build able - so just use a pea size.
Concealer - No shades and not great on blemishes. Good for pigmentation and dark circles. I don t think I ll ever finish this and even if I do, I am not buying this again.
Complexion Enhancer - I like this peachy moisturizer. Skin feels silky and supple as soon as you put it on. Very lite and makes you look very much alive :) But for the price - I am not sure.

Even though I am not completely satisfied with these products, I am planning to get more products from Bourjois coz they really feel great on skin and I don t feel irritated during or after their application.


  1. Hey! Thanks so much for the thorough review! I'm totally eying the complexion enhancer now :)As for the concealer, how do you apply it? Directly where you need it or by first rolling it on your hand & applying with a finger? Is the rolling mechanism helpful? I'll definitely test it out in the store.

    And thanks for calling me your favourite blogger. Totally made my day :D

  2. @Phookie ... I love your mild sense of humor and your 'no lies' review. You are also one of the forerunners of Chennai make-up bloggers telling people about the availability of products :).
    I am now not sure myself about the concealer :D. The SA rolled it over the pigmented patch and spread it softly with the sponge. So when the foundation was applied, it hid the concealer nicely. But it didn t work that well with the blemishes on which I had just patted the concealer on.

  3. hehe thanks :D
    If it doesn't work so well on blemishes, I don't think I'll get this. I don't have bad dark circles, but I do have blemishes. I think I'll check out TBS concealer.