Saturday, January 29, 2011

Now, how would they call me ?!

Hi people ... here I go with another post which I hope would be thought provoking !!! I must tell you about my grandma - She gets up early in the morning and starts the pooja even before i enter into REM sleep ! Interestingly, she never bought the 'modern' stuff and is always stuck to olden ayurvedhic medicines and stuff. But even more interestingly, she never used soaps or shampoos and often used to discourage me from using them also. She uses besan flour with turmeric for face and shikakai with arappu for hair. Belive me - she has thicker hair than me with little greys and her skin texture  is like a 25 yr old !!! People who look at her think that she is in her 40 s where as she is now 70 and still no wrinkles. When ever she goes with my mom, they think they are sisters and the worst thing - people also think that me and my mom are sisters ! Now, how would they call me if they see me with my grand ma ?!!! I am now starting to develop laugh lines at 25 (which is because of dehydration i belive) but then my skin is never as clear as them. My mom uses only soaps and shampoos but still has no wrinkles at 45. She tells that it s coz she never turned into cosmetics.

Gram Flour (Besan)

On the contrary, I know another family which has been using very finely refined mineral oil for 3 generations and they all have a great skin. The 80 year old granny looks like a 50 year old, mom looks like a sister of the 25 year old daughter who actually looks like a high school student. Now this really confuses me.

But anyway i have decided to follow my granny's path and for now i have pushed my h&g biotique papaya face wash to the back. My daily routine is now a mixture of mathu's herbal bath powder (a mixture of kasthuri manjal, besan, green gram flour, badam and bla bla), grinded oats, little triphala and yes i guess that s all :D. Not bad actually. I don t have that squeaky clean feel actually and I also sort of felt that I looked a bit dimmer or more rather it was like having bath with a heavy moisturizing liquid body wash but then I still decided to go on. In the evenings I wash my face after massaging with coconut oil to remove the dirt and stuff. But now my friends tell me that my skin tone is better and more smoother. Some even said that my complexion is improving. I am planning to give this routine a little more time as i can also feel that my skin has become soft and yes - free of large pores ...