Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bourjois Mascara ... how do I use this ?

Hi people ... well this is more of a query than a post. Well the other day when I shopped for Bourjois foundation, I was given this as a freebie. I had a choice between this and purple single eye shadow ... boy now i regret ! As there were no testers for this particular mascara, I looked at it's package and thought that it should be okay but boy was I in for a big surprise when i came home ! Only after opening did I find out that it was a green mascara ! I am sort of conservative when it comes to makeup. Even my eye shadows are very mild and that too if I ever apply. I don t mind a colored mascara as long as it caries well on my eyes but this looks like an algal growth on my lashes :(. My mom freaked out when she saw me with this. Now what do I do with this freak show ?
A sleek package for a freak product !
Please don t mind my ungroomed face :D

Without any mascara


Lesson learnt : Always ... ALWAYS ... try and buy. Atleast I didn t spend bucks on this one.

I am thinking of trying this when I go out with my friends in the day time ... still not sure ... don t want to be bullied !!!



  1. LOL@fungal growth!! Jokes aside, I can think of 2 ways to use this. 1) As a mascara - wear your regular black mascara. Apply this green one only on the last few lashes at the outer corner of your eye or apply on all lash tips. Of course, it will look funky, so you can only wear it when you're out with friends. But at least, it will be visible. And I can't guarantee that they won't tease you :D
    2) Use an eye liner brush & apply as an eyeliner. If the green in too light on your skin, then layer on top of black liner.
    Hope that helps.

  2. @Poohkie ... thanks for the tips. I am thinking of using it as an eyeliner. I ll try out applying this to the top tips of the corner lashes and see the reaction :D

  3. Hey your lashes look great after using the mascara!! Lovely <3

  4. hahah you know it doesnt look too bad.. like fungal growth and all!:P maybe it wont look too green at night?:P:P
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  5. Yea maybe but I am still too frightened to try it out :-S !!! Thanks for dropping by :)

  6. Hie...i think if u try black mascara and top this over then it might look very pretty..

    by the way..u have very pretty eyes:)

  7. I love what this mascara does to your lashes!! Please please wear it for sure and scandalize all the Maamis of Chennai!! :D

  8. he he lols ! I scandalized my mum already :D

  9. The mascara is nice...My word of advice would be to layer this over a black mascara...U could just color ur lash tips or maybe wear the mascara on bottom lashes with black on top lashes or something like that to make it look less garish!