Monday, November 29, 2010

Make up tips for the brownies ....

Hi again ... This one is for all the dusky beauties !!! I read this tip in a newspaper and the article is by Mrs.Mahalakshmi, one of Chennai's sought after beautician. She has been in this field for 20 years and is well experienced with the Indian skin tone. So coming to the tip. According to her, to make a person with darker shade appear brighter, your foundation has to be a mixture of dark shade and the dusky shade. The result will be a natural brighter shade that can be carried out nicely without looking over made !

My experience : Well I started something like this even before reading this article ... brilliant me ! My skin is like this : has a nice golden brown tone in the region below my neck and a dirty brown tone on my neck and my face ! So when i bought my foundations, I used to test them on hand and when I apply them for functions and party - I looked terrible !!! I thought make up was just not for me !

But then thanks to bloggers like the ones I am following now, I got some in sight into how to do make up and not look made up. I traveled across the city to hit body shop and made quite a nice haul ! Along with the many things I bought there, I also bought their powder. The SA tested it on my face and gave me the darkest shade. It did look quite good but still I looked odd ... my face was even more dark ! So I applied the medium complexion foundation that I got from Oriflame and topped it with the dark powder from body shop. Vola ! I was gleaming like a doll :D. For the first time in my life I looked so pretty in make up ! It blended with my skin below my neck and everyone complemented that I looked stunning ;). Again thanks to youtube and the Indian bloggers, I applied all the extra stuff such as blush n etc in a sublime way that I looked like a healthy glowing apple ! So this is how I do my make up now ... even though my facial skin looks way better now - thanks to the good lifestyle that I follow.  


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where it all started ...

Hi everyone ! My first post in this anonymous account so that I can share eeeeeeverythinggggggggggggggg right from the start. My main intention of this blog is to share my experiences with PCOS (Polycystic ovaryian syndrome) and how I am overcoming it. There are many blogs that share and guide women with pcos out there but I believe there are very few that relate pcos for Indian women esp those who want to cure it the natural way because that is what I believe is the best way to cure this disease as it is our new sedentary lifestyle that brought us into this mess. Overcoming pcos requires a change in the lifestyle (with medication in a lot of cases) and in someways it made me more aware about me and my body. When I initially found out that I had pcos ... I was shocked and I thought I was going to be barren for my life but thanks to the internet, I came to know about pcos and how common it is among the 'gen y' women. A little tune in the lifestyle did a lot of things to me and now i am confident that I will become normal in few more months :).
As there are many websites out there to explain about pcos, let me put some of the 'gifts' that pcos gave me :

  • Obesity (Everything starts from here ... it s like egg and the hen question - nobody knows who came first and similarly is it pcos that made you fat or the obesity that gave pcos !!!) 
  • Acanthosis nigaricans - To put it simpler terms, it is that dark velvety neck that gives you that 'never washed your neck' look. It can occur in places where your skin joins. Very ugly and crumbles your confidence and self esteem !!!
  • Darker skin tone - The hormones released tend to give you a darker tinge to your skin tone and also an unhealthy aura about it. 
  • Hair fall - A lot of people suffer from this and I lost loads of my beautiful silky straight hair to this. The hormones tend to disturb your hair follicles.
  • Hirsutism - Facial hairs ! It is again the effect of hormonal imbalance !!!
  • Apart from these we also get/may get : menstrual problem, mood swings, lethargy, low self esteem and so on and on but the ultimate being the difficulty to conceive a child.
 I thought it would be good to share some of my knowledge on this topic and maybe help some more peeps like me out there !!! But whatever I say one must always think before doing what I follow and off course consult their physician - they are brilliant people !!! So let me also put my disclaimer here that I am not liable for any injuries that may occur directly or indirectly though the ideas posted in this blog. I also wish to tell you that I am not associated with any company or product or any other group. This blog is here only to share my experience and get some inputs too :).