Friday, December 3, 2010

Sabash - Hair and body wash, a product worth its name !!!

Hi all !!! This is going to be my first product review and this one is a pure herbal product (SLS, SLES and all other chemicals free that is :) ). To start off ... I was in search of a SLS, SLES and etc free product for my hair coz I had read that they are really harmful latherers that can result in unwanted health complications and sometimes even cancer !!! Keeping cancer scare aside, I was loosing my most prized possession with each hair wash and so was desperately in search of a soap free scalp cleanser. I had tried all biotique, shanaz hussain hair wash and other herbal brands for my hair but they didn t meet my expectations. I did have a better result when I used reetha and sheeka water to cleanse my hair but it wasn t possible for me to do it every time coz it was really time consuming.
One fine day I had to stumble upon this product called Sabash which was being marketed by Aachi masala (every south Indian will know this masala maker !!!). This claimed to be a pure herbal hair & body wash and after using this, I can say that this IS a chemical free and soap free product. I was really tempted by the long list of herbal names.

Ingredients : Main ingredients are - Aloe vera, amla, eclipta prostrata, terminalla chebula, neem, adolada zeylanica, tulsi, ashwagandha, withania somnifera, almond, reetha, sheeka, nannari, khus khus, henna, curry leaves, fenu greek, lemon, triphala and some more herbs whose english names I dunno. The product looks dark and is thick with a legyam/lepam like appearance. It looks more like a grainy chyavanprash !!!

How to use this : Take a teaspoon of this product and mix it with a small cup of water. Apply this on the wet hair and use the finger tips to cleanse the scalp of dirt. Wash it after 2 mins and repeat if required. It gives a brown lather and together with the grainy consistency, gives a very squeaky clean finish. I would suggest applying oil the previous night or before an hour for a smooth wash. I would use this like a proper shampoo during the oily summer days but since it is winter ... you don t want to get your hair tangled.

Pros :

  • Made my hair silky soft and smooth
  • Hair fall reduced to a very great extent and has a very subtle herbal fragrance
  • Scalp feels clean and fresh
  • You get rid of scalp related problems such as dandruff and etc ... I am also guessing that it makes your scalp too strong for lice too :D coz I was the only one spared from lice after my little niece's stay ;)
  • Really cheap for what it did
  • The ingredients list is really exotic and love the ayurvedic aroma :) 
Cons :
  • This product is not easily available these days. A good product marketed badly !
  • The packing is okay types
  • Your hair may seem rough while wet but once it starts to dry, it gets smooth
  • I have oily hair and so I guess dry haired people must make sure that they oil their hair properly before using this.
This product is not in the shelves these days and so I already stocked 3 boxes of these. I will really miss this if they stop producing it. It is really cheap costing around Rs.50 for 150 g. It will last for atleast 20 days. Wasn t bad on skin too but I like my biotique products with TBS gloves and buffer. 

I will continue purchasing this as long as they produce this product. This is my H&G hair care product !!!

Would love to hear your fav hair care product too :) ....

Chennai Ponnu


  1. hey..followin u..
    nice it available in mumbai ??

  2. Aachi haha. That name always reminds me of sneezing!!
    I've never seen this. Where did you buy it? I've used shikakai and other powders in the past, but I had a bad experience with them.

  3. @Bhumika Thanks for following me :) Well the probability of this available in Mumbai extremely low coz I am finding it difficult to find it here in Chennai only. I find this in some corner of the shampoo section in grocery stores ... and that is if I am lucky !

  4. @Poohkie I found this in nilgiris. It was in some bottom corner rack in the shampoo section. I think this can be found in the big grocery stores here in chennai but if you are not able to find it and if you would really like to try, I got this phone number from the product cartoon : customer care number : 044 26210177

  5. hi chennai ponnu....really glad to find another chennai girl on the blogger...i use meera herbal powder on and off and its really great after the oil massages,...nice check out my blog I'm following you....:-)

  6. He he good old meera ... if i don t get this again i guess i ll have to use that only !!!

  7. could get herbal powder from khadi...

  8. hey thanks. I'll check it out, there's a nilgiris near my house. And thanks for the number as well, very sweet of you to check it out :)

  9. @S.S.G Thanks ... I ll check that out

    @Poohkie You are most welcome :)

  10. Found you from another blog.
    Sabash, haven't heard of them anywhere.
    Can i find them in Mumbai??
    any idea? :)
    Also,i have a fashion/beauty blog too .Hope to see you there sometime :D
    i just followed your blog!

  11. Hi ,

    I am using this product for 2 weeks. Really its a amazing product for dandruff especially. i Had dandruff for years and this product has stopped itching. But i am really worried as it is not easily available in market.

  12. So true anon ... I love this coz it stopped my hairfall (8 years of horrible hair fall). I dunno what I ll do if this is stopped :(

  13. Hi Chennai Ponnu.. I am from chennai only. I think it is manufactured in chennai
    Check this link..let me know if u get the availability of this product

  14. @Anon ... Thanks for the info - I ll check it as soon as I start using the last dabba !

  15. hey can u tell me exactly where it is available in chennai?

  16. @Anon ... no clue yaar ! wish I could get some more myself ! I saw them lastly in nilgiris velachery and in a super market next to adyar anandha bhavan in velachery.

  17. Hi,

    I am getting it in Nilgiris purasaiwakam. They have around 10 boxes. i took 2. I am sure people are buying this product again and again.

  18. @Anon thats gr8 even I got them recently in velachery and that too Feb 2011 manufactured ... I am very very glad :D

  19. Hi,

    Are u still using the product..? How is the performance of this product

  20. hi ppl.... i started using this product after seeing this blog... i had very bad dry skin and was fed up with all products, but finally found sabash.. its too good on skin.. my skin feels so great and young now... a wonderful product..

  21. I have used it around 4 - 5 box, then it ran out of stock in porur - Margin Free super market. I really miss this product, as every thing else make my hair too dry. after seeing this blog I called up achi masal they gave supermarket distribution guy's number 9962902885 - John baskar, now he has given a couple of supermarket name to check out. Lets see.
    This is a great blockbuster product but terrible marketed.

  22. as it lathers...i have a doubt whether soap is being added to it?


  24. i am looking for this product by last 2 years after my fine experience with this product..but it is now no where available in Puducherry!

  25. Even I applied in my face since I had a accident scar which vanished in six days really amazing. A TRUE AYURVEDA Product. But as chennai Ponnu stated it is 100% true on how a good product is marketed very badly.

  26. Hi All if anyone is interested in this product to continue in use please get back to me I can get the product to you.

  27. It should be used as shampoo or hair oiloil. Am little confused can some one help

  28. Dear All, please try Dhurka Bringha Hair wash 100g Tube & 200g Jar.
    This product is available in all major super markets in Chennai. This product also manufactured by the same manufacturer of Ssbash shikkakai paste.
    I used personally and feel amazing herbal qualities..! Try this product and share your comments.

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