Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snacks that can alter our life !!!

FLAX SEEDS : - Dietary fiber rich internal moisturizer !!!
 I am totally in love with this baby ! I usually eat this around 11:00 A.M when my stomach starts to grumble for lunch and two tbs of this helps me to survive till the 12:30 lunch break !


  • Fiber rich and so helps in weight loss and digestion
  • Very rich in omega 3 fatty acids ... you can google to find out how this can be very useful for us
  • These are usually fed to horses to improve their coat and as a general supplement. I dunno how it is for the horses but it sure works on my hair ! My hair shines like an ad star and my nails grow really strong.
  • My eye lashes became super thick and long
  • As the heading tells, my skin is glossy smooth even in this winter ! I don t apply any moisturizer and still no scaly skin ... not even in the elbows !
  • It is anti inflammatory and so I was able to do away with few of those stubborn blemishes 
  • Very useful for people who want to reduce the intake of carbohydrates like in pcos, insulin resistance, diabetics and etc. 
  • It is/used to be a staple food for Indians, esp in Maharashtra, and so this should be safe enough I guess :) 
  • Roasted flax seeds, oils and powders are easily available in the grocery stores and is very cheap.
  • It is suggested that flax seed be introduced slowly into our diet because I initially had few boils (like the ones we get when we eat super oily food) and my skin was oily but it soon got resolved and my skin oils were balanced
  • There are studies that suggest that ingesting more than 3 tbs maybe harmful for us and WE SHOULD EAT ONLY ROASTED/PROCESSED FLAX SEEDS
  • Since these are whole foods like oats and etc, it is good to eat them early in the day
  • Has a funny taste but I find it very manageable and sometimes tasty too
  • As this will expand as soon as it was consumed, we should follow this with lots of water
How I take this :
I take 2 tbs of roasted flax seeds and chew them nicely in my mouth so that they are properly grinded in my mouth before I swallow and follow with a cup of water. I don t take this if i have any stomach problem and I don t eat this after lunch. It really does reduce my hunger. I would suggest this for healthy skin, hair, nails and digestion !!! This is something that can be tried in the winter.

I am not regular with this but I would love to be regular with this ! I used to have this in the afternoons esp when you feel like having a small nap ! 

It is difficult to list out all the pros of this as it has so many pros !!! I think I would just write all the things it did to me here :
  • It cleared away my skin of acne and blemishes
  • It helped me to reduce my hunger and boost my digestion
  • One tsp of tea leaves can be used at least thrice for infusion with hot water
  • It helped me to normalize my hormones and I visibly became fairer in matter of 2 weeks !!!
  • It is good for direct application on the skin too ... both our hair and face !
  • I really did feel more active too :D
  • My skin felt real soft
  • It is said to boost immunity but I couldn t tell coz I seldom get ill 
  • I did notice a reduction in my facial hair and hair fall
I really can not think of any except for it's price when compared to ordinary teas but they are truly worth their price !

How I use this :
I take a little amount of tea leaves and add hot water. I ll let it to infuse for not more than 3 minutes and consume after that. I re use the leaves for around 3 to 4 times. I use white tea as of now and sometimes add it with exotic tea varieties from Organic India ... I love their tulsi tea range ... they are so good in winter ! 

I encourage you to search a little about these and try it ! They really did help me shed some 4 horrible kgs ... Do tell me your favorite supplements too :) 


  1. hey tell me where can you get this flax seeds and what is it called in tamil...i'm a regular on green tea...i have salads with nuts, veggies, cherries anything thats available... give me more tips..i wanna lose some weight....:-)

  2. @ S.S.G You get flax in almost all the big grocery shops like nilgiris and nuts n spices these days. Nuts n spices esp has a huge choice such as whole, grounded and even oil. But as I said flax seeds should be roasted before consuming or get roasted flax seeds. Dunno the tamil name and it s nice to know that you are regular in green tea ... was a nice motivation for me :) ya we ll help each other shed those extra package :)

  3. @ S.S.G It is nice that you are having lots of salads, nuts n cherries yaar ... even if not now it is always good to get a healthy meal :)

  4. yeah..also tell me i shaving desi boiled corncob add on weight..or is American corn much better..and is flax seed by any chance "kollu"

  5. even i ve heard that corn is not all that good for pcos ... it s mainly starch na ! Flax seeds are not 'kollu' but i belive it s tamil name is something like ali vidhai ... it is also known as linseed too ...

  6. i love roasted salted falx seeds..v all have it after lunch/dinner as mouth freshner..bt its harmful if eaten in more qty as its quite a warm product..

  7. oh i never knew that it can be used as a mouth freshner !!! we generally use fennel seeds here in south. ya too much can be harmfull but i ve been taking a little everyday for sometime n it has worked gr8 on me !!!

  8. Great post!! Very informative!Nice blog honey:))

  9. Wow great post about flax seeds.

    I'd definitely let you know about the ingredients of Jovees. yes, mineral oil on lips. But LipIce is not that bad lipbalm. it's just e who is still hooked to Jovees. :)

  10. @Rakhshanda Thank you
    @Shoppingaholic Thanks for the info :)

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